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need help with MIDI tracks - need help!
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Once i have duplicated a midi track (with or without) events i am unable to pan, reduce/increase volume, add effects, make changes to the instrument module etc. without affecting the original track. if i duplicate a track and want to pan it, the original track gets panned as well, same for the rest of changes mentioned above.
However, this does not occoure if the track is audio. Please help!

for some reason i am unable to add effects, change volume etc. to some midi tracks via the window left of the track itself. I can not add/make changes to the tracks by doubleclicking the track, thus bringing up the mixer either. the volume doesnt show when i playback either.
like i said this only happens to some tracks that are midi, and i wonder what the cause of it could be?

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Maybe this work-around will help:
Instead of using the option "duplicate track with events"....
Create a new blank midi track, copy the midi clip from the original track, and paste into the new track. Maybe this will "uncouple" the new track from the original, and let you use the functions you need. (* Render to audio was my first suggestion, until I re-read your post...sounds like you already render to audio wave file as a work-around)

Edit: Since everything works for rendered audio, I'm still curious if creating a blank midi track, and then pasting works (as opposed to "duplicate track with events")

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Do you see that tiny icon on your event?

if yes, that's bad.
Try to use CTRL+C and CTRL+V rather than dragging the track with the mouse.
Then they should be independend and if you change anything there, it shouldn't affect the original.
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The problem is that even though you have duplicated the track (with or without events) they are both still pointing to the same instrument. To duplicate the instrument open the mix view and click the 'Instr.' tab to display your instruments. Locate the instrument you want to duplicate and ctrl+drag it onto an empty part of the instrument strip to create a new instance. Then assign the duplicated track to the new instrument. You should now have two independent midi tracks.
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