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Studio 1 free does not work with keyboard+ midi cable&software.
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Hey guys, I seem to be having issues with using my midi keyboard in studio 1 free. The issue is when I play notes on my keyboard I see it is responding in studio 1, but there is no output or sound. I am aware that there could be a flaw in my set up, and the steps I took in using my keyboard with studio 1 could be wrong to. So i am going to go ahead and describe both to you guys.

-line 6 ux2
-Casio piano
-windows 8 laptop
-midi cable.
-studio 1 free
-headphones (to plug into my Audio interface)

Steps I took:
1.Installed the midi software, from my midi cable.
2. plugged in midi cable to laptop/Casio piano, and plugged in audio interface (ux2) into laptop.
3. ran studio 1 free
4. clicked configure external devices
5. clicked add, and selected new keyboard.
6. selected all channels
7. clicked received from: and selected my midi cable (Yamaha), then hit ok.
8. clicked new song, and selected instruments
9. I selected presence and made it into a new track.
10. played the piano, saw it was responding but could hear no sound coming out.

If anyone knows why my keyboard is responding in studio 1, but there is no output or sound please let me know. I hope someone can answer, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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skip jones

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MIDI is data only so you will also need to open an audio track as explained in the Knowledge Base.

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I clicked the support link, you provided for me, and unfortunately I didn't have much success :/. I made a new instrument like it instructed me to and set "send to" to my midi cable. I even tried different combinations, of sending and receiving. The only thing that I get a response from is when I set "Received from" to my midi cable. It creates an input but no output when i do this. Am i doing something wrong?

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Edit: I've managed to get my keyboard to work, but not in the way I intended. The support link provided for me was either incorrect, or i was. I ended up doing this:

New keyboard
Received from: selected my midi cable.

New instrument
send to :Microsoft midi mapper.

I Created a new track, applied the inputs/outputs I have above, and there was sound coming from my keyboard. But i was unable to use effects, or instruments like presence with this track. I also tried to use drum effects with my keyboard, but was unable to do so.

Unfortunately I am starting to lose faith in studio one :/, it has taken me nearly 3 days to figure this out, and may take me another 3 just to figure out how to use drums with my keyboard. I am certain that studio One is the perfect software for other people, but unfortunately I don't think it is for me. However, I will continue to do as best i can with studio one, and try to figure out solutions to these problems.

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