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Why does my mix sound like S#@&* after exporting a mixdown?
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I seem to be having an issue where I work on a mix and it sounds great when listening to it in S1- clear, detailed, no distortion. Then I export the mixdown and listen to it in Windows Media Player it sounds like crap - generally distorted and muddy . I am careful to apply limiting (generally Waves L3 or L1) on the main output and there is no clipping happening on the main channel. This problem seems to be more prevalent when there is allot of bass energy in the mix

I am usually exporting to 16 bit 44.1k WAV. Is something happening in the conversion?

Any tips or tricks that may solve my issue? Thanks.


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The first thing I'd do is try a different media player, e.g. Media Player Classic HC, and definitely play it through your pro audio interface, not your motherboard's on-board audio device. I don't use Windows Media Player but I recall it had EQ and effects, could it be that something like that is turned on?

In theory, a CD quality mixdown should sound pretty close to what you hear in Studio One, but don't take my advice to seriously as I am not very familiar with the implications of dithering. In the Format options you could try a higher resolution and sample rate, again just to be sure it's not that.

If you fix this one I'd be interested to know, thanks.

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What happens when you make a CD and play it in the car or in some other stereo system?

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Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but are you listening to the mixdown through the same monitors/speakers/headphones and at the same volume and EQ settings/normalization/WOW settings/etc. as in Studio One? (Just checking...sometimes my mixes sound fine through my monitors but like garbage through my computer speakers....)

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OMG why has no one resolved this problem! This is insane. What is the point of using S1 if exporting **** up the whole thing.
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Well, for most of the thousands of Studio One users, there is no problem. So we ask people for specifics about their computers and steps to reproduce what they're doing so we can hopefully track down a setting or something that is off and causing the issue. Unfortunately in this particular instance, the original poster never responded. That either means he solved the issue or gave up. We have no way of knowing unless he comes back in and tells us...
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There are numerous] possible causes. But there are MANY experienced users here who will try to help. Try this link:
Also, the process of mastering makes a recording sound good on many different sound systems and players. Different speakers, amps, rooms, headphones, & players all yield different results when playing the exact same recording. So you need to play the same tracks on as many different systems as you can to hear how your music translates.

* Oh yeah...EVERYTHING sounds like crap through computer speakers. Definitely use headphones if you can't use monitors.

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JoseDrums wrote:OMG why has no one resolved this problem! This is insane. What is the point of using S1 if exporting **** up the whole thing.

With all due respect, you already have a thread regarding this and you have confirmed the problem exists with "Another DAW" as well. That indicates your problem is NOT a Studio One problem so your comment appears to be very unfair.

I have provided a few answers and asked a few questions in your thread that have gone "un answered" by you. If you can answer/confirm some of my questions, I will be happy to help you isolate the problem.

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