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Anyone know how to map rotary encoders to knobs S1 Free?
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Hi all, I've got a couple of questions about mapping midi input to synths etc.

1. is it possible to map a rotary encoder to a knob and use it in relative mode? If so, what values is studio one expecting?

2. is it possible to map note on/off messages to buttons on presence for instance? Again, if so, how?

At the moment I have been able to do 2. using midi-ox's midi data mapping and loopbe1 but I can't seem to get any sensible movement from an encoder.

Just for clarity, the device I'm using is a numark mixtrack pro II (just for the midi control) and it's rotary encoders put out a CC per encoder with a data byte of 1 (1h) and 127 (7Fh), I can remap that so that it's 0/127 and it will work like a button but that's clearly pretty pointless. Any ideas anyone?

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