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"Holdout City" (Presonus Songwriting Competition)
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Hello everyone, this is my entry for the Presonus "Get your hooks in" songwriting/vocal competition. The Dance genre is not my usual fare, but when I first heard the track I could sense the potential in it, and I tried to add some unique elements which I think you'll enjoy. I spent a lot of time on this project, I truly hope you all have as much fun listening to it as I did writing and recording it. Don't forget to turn it up!

So, without further adieu, allow me to welcome you to "Holdout City" - Enjoy your stay!
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You did a good job on the song and production. This style of melody seems a tad dated but you did it well. At 2:20 the word "Stay" is out of pitch I think. The arrangement is really good. You have a nice voice and I would have not used so much EFX on it.
I wish you luck in the competition.

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I agree with Bbd on the word "stay" being out of pitch and maybe a word before/after it... or the vocal slide itself.
I like the effects and mix you've used... although the song has a definite Bee Gees disco feel.
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