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Make instruments in Presence using free Polyphone program
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For those interested, you can make a custom "instrument" that works in Presence in Studio One Free, using your own sound samples. One way to do this is creating an SF2 file, using a program called Polyphone (which is 100% free). You use Polyphone to specify which wave sample gets played for each midi key, and velocity range. Many other parameters can be specified, depending on how intricate or detailed you want your instrument to be. *I figured out how to design my own SF2 soundfont by downloading an existing SF2, opening it in Polyphone, and working backwards from there. It's hard to explain the whole process, but in short: In Polyphone, open a .wav sample, and use the matrix to specify which midi key and velocity range activates that particular sound. Note: When you import a .wav sample into Polyphone, the program will split the sample into Left & Right samples "L" & "R", and set the pans to -50% and a stereo signal, I guess.
Here's a screenshot:[img]
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Thanks for this interesting post.
Glad to see people supporting Studio One Free.

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