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Alesis DM10 > Superior Drummer within StudioOnePro
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I have someone asking me how to do this and as I have not got an Alesis I have no idea.
Anyone here got it working and can provide a process?

Images or whatever would be helpful so I can pass them on..
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I'll bite... to get started...
Not exactly clear what the question is...
Are you trying to use/populate the Alesis with the sounds of SD inside S1P?
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I don't have a DM10X but will soon be helping a friend with setup so I've looked into it a little.

Apparently there isn't an auto map in SD for the Alesis so you have to do it manually (for each SDX pack).

Once you set up the DM10 as an instrument in S1 go to the Mapping tab within SD.
Go to Presets at the bottom -> Midi -> Note Mapping -> E-Drums (generic)
Then you have to right-click on a drum in SD, right click on the part of the drum you're going to assign (it's on the right side i.e. Center/Edge/Rimshot), click on Learn, then hit the Alesis drum you're assigning.
Do this for every drum...
Once finished be sure to save it under the Presets drop down.

Not sure if this will get him through but hopefully it puts him on track.
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