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Warren Catt

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Hi all,

My question relates to the AI series of speakers.

I am about to invest in a new FOH speaker system and am delighted to hear Presonus has released the AI series. I realise that the system is new to the market but I am having difficulty finding basic technical info on the units.

What is the dispersion pattern on the co-actual driver? Horizontal / Vertical.
When adding subs to the system what is the crossover point and slope/filter type recommended for the 328?
Can the co-actual driver in the 328 be rotated for use when the unit is used horizontally?
Are there M10 fly points that enable the 328 to used as a flown center fill?
How many subs are recommended for use with 1 x 328 ? ( the rig will need to cover everything from acoustic to metal).

Thanks for your time and effort in assisting me. I look forward to your reply.

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Nominal Coverage (-6 dB): 90° x 60°
Rigging Points: 12 M10

Coactual driver cannot be easily rotated. Maybe if you wanted to void your warranty. No need to.

If you use the AI tops with AI subs, you don't need a crossover. They are designed to overlap.

Everyone I've seen using them has had 2 subs per top. You would especially need this outside.

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Technically speaking, no speaker, especially one with the topology of the 328 can have it's horn rotated without causing detrimental side effects. It's kind of a cheat.

Few speakers in this price range are going to give you a perfect 90 x 60 at all frequencies, especially at the crossover frequency where it flips. At some frequencies, you might actually have very narrow q dispersion, not even close to the 90 degrees wide. Remember, it is only 90 degrees wide at the crossover and narrows as the frequency increases. So, on the high end, around 3 to 4 kHz, it doesn't matter if the speaker is vertical or horizontal. The high frequency coverage will be about the same. The speaker's mids and lows are the things most affected by begin on the floor.

There are no third party measurements or horn plots provided. My experience is the 328s work well as a monitor speaker. I don't like 90s spraying sound on the ceiling either, but these allow for a small operation to be extremely flexible. It is not that big of a deal in my opinion.

Be careful arraying any 90 degree cabinet. Butting up any 90 degree speaker cab side by side is not sufficient splay angle, unless you are using a cabinet with the correct angle built in. You will not find many of those in the portable music store world. The front corner of all 90 degree cabinets should be 45 degrees from one another.

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