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My Pre sonus was working properly this morning with my acorn master key 49. Then I got like a stuck key sound. Shut the keyboard down the sound was still there until I shut down the Pre sonus one software. On full reboot the Keyboard is showing up in the External devices but I get the Message Missing devices (as in Attachment) the Keyboard is working as the yellow arrow by the midi icon is flashing when keys pressed. and when clicking on Midi icon the correct keys are showing up in Midi Monitor window. I am a techno Neanderthal so am lost as to where to go. Otherwise a brilliant bit of software. Thanks

Running Pre sonus Studio one OEM 64bit
Toshiba C650-13G Laptop
Windows7 64bit Home premium
4G ram
640Gb hdd
pre sonus problem.jpg
[Thumb - pre sonus problem.jpg]
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 Filesize 267 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  198 time(s)

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