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New Firmware Update 1.0.5124
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Thank you for the new update,for me it is a great relief, because now I can i work with this mixer I did the update until yesterday, but at the moment it seems that the main problem is solved, at least.

Unfortunately, the one problem I found out right now: I just wanted to play music through the computer i found that (in Universal control) when i took the WDM setup open and want to change outputs ( 1 left and 2 right ) there was only possible to choose only left channel. specifically there was :
1 WDM ( center)
and so on , there's no opportunity to to select the right channel only left.

Is this a problem only for me ?


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I haven't seen that problem yet but I have found one that only began after the firmware update. I have two people operating my 32.4.2. One guy running FOH and one guy mixing a live webmix through Studio One. The webmix is monitored via the solo bus. Every time the iPad changes the console, from the FOH mix, the board goes into fader locate mode. This mutes the solo bus. I have determined that while in fader locate mode the solo bus is muted. The workaround is just turning off default to fader locate but this is a bit of an annoyance. Not serious because the audio passes normally but the monitoring is just interrupted.
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