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Firestudio Project as a sub mixer
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Can the Firestudio be used to subgroup drums to my 16.4.2

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Well, it depends on what you consider "work"... it won't work under UC, but you can run the software parallel to and then switch apps... and then you would have to hardwire the outputs of the firestudio to the SL inputs, or the Aux inputs...
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^^^ What he said.
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I wouldn't do it in the studio. But sometimes live I run about 4 channels short. And wondered if this would make a good sub mixer.
At the price I may just get it and try it. I would subgroup it to one channel.

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well... I have a FSTube I use at home for my system, I can connect my cute little 1602 up and UC sees them both at the same time and I have 20 inputs... 12+8 mic/line between them both!
Now the FStube can act as a stand alone mixer when not connected to a PC... so as gadget sez you can run analog to connections to the mixer aux inputs... I think the Firestudio can run as a stand alone... I dunno fosure but my FStube does!

I love the STtube... wish they still made it... one of the best interfaces in a small format... I see em on line used... I might get another just as a spare or add on...
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