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SyncStart and SyncRecord possible?
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Hello guys,

Not sure if I read it somewhere, but is it generally possible, that my external music keyboard starts a song in Presonus Studio One?
And is it also possible that I press the REC button and Studio One waits for incoming signals before it starts recording?

Yesterday I wanted to record a simple sequence (4 bars/4 beats) and let it loop.
Well, it was more difficult than I thought.
I pressed the REC button, then I let the style play (on my keyboard; StyleOut was on) and then I started to play bass and chords.

The end result was not the one I expected.
4 tracks with each 1 long event.
It was not the case that all events were 4 beats long.
Cutting them or something didn't work.

So my idea is to use the Sync function, which will prevent this.

And later I can try to loop only the Bass and the chords (not the style), because then I would have the possibility to always use Main A, Fill In, Main B on the keyboard.
But for this it's important that both the recorded sequence and the "live style" are in the same tempo and start at the same time - synced.
For the tempo it's no problem - I can adjust that, but for the start I don't know.
Pressing Start on the keyboard and start in Presonus sounds easy, but I hope there is a better solution.

Thanks for any help!
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