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Drag & Drop not possible
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I've been using at the time the latest version of Studio One free (x64) on a Windows 7 64 bit System.
I'm new to Studio One. During my first test song, I realized that the drag and drop function of effects does not work. It is not possible to place the selected effect in the insert of the channel.
What could be the reason for this?

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There are some effects which are not available in Studio One Free. I noticed you dragged the compressor, which is only included with S1 Artist and above. * But all the effects still appear in the Browse window, probably to illustrate what you get if you upgrade. So, Presonus gave away a lot, but not the whole store. Also, 3rd party VST effects are not supported in the free version.

You CAN use the "Channel Strip" effect, which has a very simple compressor (only one dial controlling the amount of compression) and also a 3-band parametric EQ. While you can't narrow or widen the EQ bands, you can choose the center frequencies.

It took me a bit to figure this out, since the icons for all of the effects are visible. Still, S1Free is a very generous offering, in my view, so I hope this isn't too disappointing. But anyway, when I really need certain effects (like a full parametric EQ or a compressor with more complete functionality) ...I export the track to my old 5-year DAW, apply the effects, and import back into S1).

So you weren't doing anything wrong. Presonus is just leaving a reason for people to upgrade at some point (they do have to make money, of course). can demo the Pro version for 30 days. All effects and features will work for a month. You could use the full version, and save your work. After 30 days, the program reverts to S1 Free. But your rendered files will still reflect your work done in the Pro demo. * Just be sure to RENDER the tracks you edited. Maybe keep a copy of the original tracks too.

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They could also be present if you did the 30 day trial. But like sirmonkey said, only a few are available for free.
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Thanks for the info. That makes things clear.
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