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Need a Mac guru: Ad-hoc network issue
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In the past I've used my MB Pro and just created an ad-hoc network to get the iPad control for me 24.4.2. Instant, easy, and I've never had a problem.

Just bought a new(ish) MB Pro with Maverick and attempted to do the same thing. Here's the issue:
I log onto the ad-hoc with the iPad just fine, but no mixers show up under the Devices Online window. The odd thing is that if I go to the MB Pro, the iPad shows up in the settings window for the mixer and I can change permissions and what not.

I went ahead and bought a standalone router, but I'm wondering what's up with the ad-hoc, just in case I ever need to use it for back-up.

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Seems to be an unresolved issue since Mavericks came out. In all the threads I have read the final cure was to do as you did and purchase a router. I don't recall if this is actually an Apple or Presonus issue.
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The Adhoc method is too fritzy and unstable... I used it a few times with splashtop but it was just not stable enough... stick with the router...

I got a belkin 392 dual band a walwarts for <$50 and it's been fine!

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on the router. It just isn't worth the headaches in a gig situation to deal with the dropouts and such. I run on a MB Pro 15, with the Airport Extreme (the flat, sandwich sized one) and it's been bulletproof on 2.4 and 5, both.
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