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FR: Duplicate Replace (2014)
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Basically say you have some audio or Midi events on a track.
But just before those event, on the same track, you add a new event and you want to duplicate it and when it gets to any previously "loaded" events you want the new events you are duplicating to replace (over write if you like) those that are already there.
At the moment I can't se any way to do that. (apart from manually deleting the old ones and then duplicating the new ones.)

At the moment you can either "Duplicate Insert" which moves the original events along to the right out of the way - which is not what you want.
Or you can just "Duplicate" and it will place the new duplicate on top of the originals leaving the original events underneath the new duplicate - again not the desired effect as then you get multiple events playing at once.

I can see no way to "Duplicate and Replace" the original events that you duplicate over the top of!

Please add this feature (or if it already exists tell us how).

BTW this might also be on multiple racks in an arrangement not just a single track!!

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