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Starts with "B", and ends with "Ugh"....?
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Wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior. Was doing what I do replacing some snare hits. What I typically do is take a hit right before, or right after the one to replace, and slice it into a single hit. Select that slice and hit "D" to duplicate, and drag that hit on top of the bad one. Doing it last night, S1 locked up EVERY time.

Well correction, i was able to replace 4-5 hits, and then it locked up. I force closed then re-opened the song, go a message about the autosave being newer that the file, yadda yadda. So I opened the new version to save the edits that I had done already, and every time after that it locked up right after I tried to drag the sliced snare over to the replacement. And every time after that.

I haven't yet tried to open the older version and start from scratch. Figured I would ask the group before I did that.

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