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FR: Plugin Bypass Keystroke (2014)
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Is there a "hidden" keyboard "shortcut" that can be used when using Studio One and opening a song that will turn off or bypass all plugins so that when one opens the song after a crash etc., and it is not opening, so that you can leave the plug-ins instantiated but bypass them as the song opening and hopefully bypassing the crash condition?

If not then that is why I am requesting it as a Feature Request.

It could be a tick box or a special keystroke that when held at song startup it bypasses the Plugin checks etc and just opens with no Pliugins "activated"..

Very useful when plugins are faulty or playing up and cause issues when opening a song.

I have folks asking on the S1 Facebook forum.

As an example - I myself have had this issue when for example I have a song with a plug-in instantiated that needs an iLok plugged in but in error I have not got iLok with me .. When I try to open the song S1 crashes and there is no way of getting past it..
(unless there is a special keystroke that can be held when opening a song tat I am unaware of)
Really I hate that as I think it should just throw an error warning that the iLok is not there and some plugins will not work and then continue but sadly nope it just crashes......!! And there is no w ay t bypass the problem.
It would be nice to have a keystroke that can be pushed that bypasses the plugins at song opening and or S1 startup so I can bypass this issue and stop the crashes..

Other users have installed "bad" plugins and have major sues with S1 crashing and/or a song crashing S1 at opening.. It would be nice f there was a way to Bypass these crashes and allow user to remove the faulty plugins etc. It would really help trouble shoot crash issues

So this is a feature request (unless it already exists and we are all not aware of it....)

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