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FR: Please include a Paste Insert Option (2014)
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This is a missing feature that really is needed. (or at least a feature that I am unable to find)

Where you can take/select a track or event or part of a track or whatever from anywhere.
Copy it.
Place the cursor on a track at any point in time in a song.
Press "Paste Insert" (the missing feature)
And this moves everything to the right of that point along for the length of the copied track and inserts the copied section in the middle.
( a little like the duplicate Insert feature except for track material from anywhere copied anywhere.)

It needs to be smart enough to be able to know how long the piece being copied is so as to open up sufficient space to do so.
It also needs to be multi track aware so that if multiple tracks are copied then the Paste Insert would be applied to multiple tracks too..
I guess also it needs to be aware of FX's that are on that event etc so that they are also duplicated or dealt with in some way?

BTW the copied track could be from within the current song say chorus you want to insert somewhere else in the song or whatever, Or could be a new track(s) from another completely different song that you want to grab a section of and include in this current song..

This would improve the workflow and make life a lot easter for user that are doing arrangements where they want to copy and or move things around, duplicate choruses or verses in different places in tracks etc etc

Seems to be a sadly missing function that may business apps like office apps etc have and so should also be included in the music/DAW environment.

I am sure other folks will have ideas on this too but this is my starter Feature Request.

Might be too late for inclusion V3 but hopefully it is something that could be included in an update sooner rather than later...

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I just went thru a bunch of insert silence and paste myself! I sure coulda used a paste-insert!

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Thumbsup for this one. Very useful!
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Totally agree. Moreover:

If required by the user, this must include timeline features including tempo, tempo changes, time signature, time signature changes etc. Very primitive as is & without this obvious re-arragement feature.
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