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Audio Changes from Good to Poor Over Time
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I just noticed that problem after having the Presonus Firestudio Project for a few years now. The playback would sound just fine, then all of a sudden it would turn very crackly and distorted. If I restart the interface, it is fine but slowly progresses to the distorted sound quality again. I don't think this is an issue of matching sample rates because it is a different type of distortion. Could it be that my interface is just dying?


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Or your computer. Or your FireWire cable. The cable is easiest to test so I'd try that first...
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I just wanted to say that I have been trying to trouble shoot this issue as well for a long time as well. I have owned my Firestudio mobile for a long time, and I have had numerous issues.

While I still have issues with dropouts & latency, I found that as a Win 7 user, moving to the legacy driver from my default driver seemed to help in the issue of the eventual switch to the distorted sound. See:

Though in practice I keep my sessions using the Firestudio mobile short, so perhaps I am just avoiding the problem.

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Hey spitfire27

I have that mobile fire studion only not the project
I know this only from when my computer has been on to long - almost seems like the FW card is backed up and pops
out the buffer in a burst... CRACK BOOM lol
At least here heheh happens more frequent from when it starts.. like after a day or 2 it starts
It helps some to change the buffer size when it happens - BUT doesn't make it go away
Only thing is rebooting for me at least


Edit: So for me heheh it's a FW card issue in that regard - can't deliver the buffer fast enough and pops it out one in a while
then screws up after

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