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Hi all, about three weeks ago I purchased the AudioBox USB starter pack, and was hoping for the best despite the great price. And, unfortunately, except for this one issue I'm very very impressed. The mic records my guitar and voice well, and I love Studio One which was included in the pack. Also, PreSonus has been nothing but extremely helpful and kind to me and I can't say I've ever had better customer service in 22 years of living. Now on to the problem

I have seen multiple cases of this EXACT problem on these forums and elsewhere, but sadly nothing that has been recommended has worked for me. I'm at my wits end because normally technological stuff comes very easy to me and I can almost always fix something after research and tinkering. Not the case here. I feel like the majority of you know what problem I'm having, but for clarification here is the issue: turn on AudioBox, plug everything in. No sound, noise, buzz, whine etc. Press the 48v power button and immediately I get a whiny, electrical "buzz" through my headphones or speakers, whichever is plugged into it at that moment. This noise does not go away, despite input being turned all the way up, all the way down, headphones being turned all the way up, all the way down, main volume being turned all the way up, all the way down, the "mixer" knob turned all the way left to inputs, or turned all the way right to playback. No usb cable, mic cable, or different headphones have done anything to remedy this problem. Same buzz. I even hear this noise with my mic unplugged, as long as the 48v button is pressed! This tells me it has to be a hardware issue, but now to the really unfortunate part. I sent it into PreSonus about a week ago, got very prompt service and received my Box back today. It says they replaced "R3 and R5" on the sheet inside, however, still the same exact buzz. I refuse to believe they would have sent it back to me if they had tested it and still experienced an issue. I'm confused, and very frustrated. At this point I am saving all my money for a new guitar, and the last thing I want to do is go buy more cables, more mics, and certainly not a new laptop just to try and get this thing working. I also would hate to go through a whooleeeee new "ticket" and pester them again so soon after it left their shop, but I don't know any other option! I've used this thing maybe 10 times total, and I experienced this issue straight out of the box.. The music store I bought this from apparently doesn't have any records of me buying it and of course I threw away the receipt at some point in the last month, so I cant return it and get my money back. Honestly I don't want to return it, this set up is perfect for my amateur recording and I would love to just get this bad boy working, but I have absolutely no clue as to what to do from here. I wish I could get a replacement Box from PreSonus and see if it works with no buzz, but I doubt that's in their policy. Sigh.

Any help would be appreciated, I really don't have any more ideas or plans on how to fix this. As I said I have tried everything my brain, and other brains have told me to try. No luck whatsoever. It's unfortunate because I'm so impressed with the customer service of PreSonus, but I just don't know what else to try. Thanks in advance for any help. God bless. Oh also, I'm on windows 7 which ive read has had some issues with this set up, but I tried it on my friends computer and still the exact same issue. I sent PreSonus my computer data report and was told my USB capabilities far exceeded the minimum requirements for the AB USB. Any help would be awesome!!! Thanks again

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If we are assuming some issue with your laptop then try to inject power to your audiobox using some external 5v power supply like the ones that comes with your ipad/iphone or similar device.

There are usb cables that can do this for you or you can try an usb hub that takes power from an external psu instead of your computer to see if this helps.

I have a lithium powered 10Ah batterypack that outputs 5v (for powering and charging phones, tablet, etc). Great when you need to isolate from the mains.

Also, try to run your laptop on battery power instead of its power supply. This helps with many odd noise issues in general...

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