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So I was poking around on and discovered a new (to me) link under my Studio One software details: Manage Activations.

How happy was I to be able to remove - by myself - an activation I had made on a computer that died on me! I can't believe this wasn't trumpeted from the rooftops!!!

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Yeah it is pretty sweet, though I am having trouble as I found this after all 5 licences were used, I then de activated them and now having issue with Melodyne. I hope to sort it out this week.
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Yes, we got this implemented not too long ago. Thousands of customers have already benefited from this.

Here's the knowledge base article on it: HTTP://

Bundle software activations are not controlled by PreSonus. We issue the product key, however the registration of the software is handled by the respective authors of the software. In this case Celemony and Native Instruments I do not believe have a similar self-help activation reset section in their software. Melodyne only allows 2 authorizations, while NI I believe is only 1. So to reset the activation for either one, you'll need to contact their tech support and ask them very nicely if they'll reset it or issue you another key.

To get help from Celemony go here: HTTP://
To get help from Native Instruments go here: HTTP://

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