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AudioBox with VAC for streaming
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Hi All,

Im using a AudioBox USB for doing some streams over twitch. Now on its own its fine but I've had a few issues with Skype and adding someone else into the feed.

I've used Virtual Audio Cables so try and set it up so when we're on a brake music can play and Skype can be muted for the stream but i can still hear everyone.

To do this I've used 2 VAC's and 3 repeaters

Skype Sound > VAC Line 1
VAC Line 1 > VAC Line 2 (this basically combines the skype sounds and Mic to one signal)
Mic > VAC Line 2
VAC Line 1 > AudioBox Out
VAC Line 2 > xSplit

The issue I'm getting is when i turn off the "VAC Line 1 > AudioBox Out" repeater I can't hear the call and neither can people watching, which is understandable.

When its on I can hear the call but so can people watching even if the Mic input on xSplit is muted! (they cant hear me)
When the mic on xSpilt is unmuted everyone can hear the call with a slight echo, and they can hear me.

Im guessing that the AudioBOx is somehow feeding back this call?

does anyone know how i could fix it. thanks
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