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No sound to the stage moniters
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hello everybody !!

this is my first question

in our church we have changed the stage moniters we got couple of EV powered moniters
but the issue is we not getting sound on them but the moniters are working fine we have test them
but I guess there is a problem with the connections,And the connection are same how it was with the pervious moniters and they were working ! I read the user manuel but it didn't help
so please is there anybody can help me ?

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1. What mixer are you using?

2. What processor(s) are in the signal path between the mixer and the monitors?

3. Did you plug your test audio into your EV monitors using the same jacks you are using for monitors?
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Since you are asking your seemingly non-related question here I will assume that you use a studiolive mixer.

While the aux outputs are balanced they are not balanced in a way that give you a signal on both the (+) and (-) pins on the xlr. If your input on the speaker are made in some similar way your xlr cable may need to be reversed to work...
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