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Firestudio 2626 w/ project & universal control
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Hello all

recently i've added a 2626 to my FS project and the 26 doesnt read with my U.C. but the project does, the 26's light will sometimes sync up and sometimes flash but is still working. whats the latest U.C. version? or do i need a different version of universal control with the 2626 any advice or help is much appreciated.

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The FS 2626 is no longer a supported piece of kit, it is however still very capable. The support stopped with UC1.2 if you're on PC although there was a further upgrade in the Mac camp. Go to discontinued equipment on the website and select FS 2626 you'll find the working version of UC in the downloads section along with the release notes manuals etc. Your project will run on the older version of UC if you need all of the I/O so you should be good to go. There is a very handy thread compiled by Monolithent if you have problems with the unit still after the back date of UC.

Let us know how it goes.

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