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Audiobox USB Problems(PLEASE HELP!)
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About 6 months ago, i purhcased an audiobox usb bundle from my local Guitar Center. Ever since then, I have had nothing but problems. The most recent problem are;
-everytime I plug in my audiobox into my computer it starts producing a popping or clicking noise through my headphones
-cant hear the beat through my headphones(recent problem that started after the clicking noise)
-cant hear my voice through my headphones

When I first started recording, I had very basic equipment(small desk stand, no foam guard, no pop filter.) After I would record, my voice would sound muffled and low. Since then I have upgraded my equipment a bit(bought a foam guard, mic stand, and pop filter), and it hasn't helped whatsoever. In fact, IT SOUNDS WORSE. I can hardly hear my voice unless I amplify the hell out of it.

NOT TO MENTION, i can't even use the Presonus software that came in my bundle to record. For now I'm using Cool Edit Pro 2.1, because everytime I press 'record' on the software it begins making a very loud ringing noise.

I'm a bit lost and hopeless on what to do, i would appreciate it if somebody could give me some guidance on how to fix this issue.
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