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What laptod does actually work with Presonus stuff since mine doesn't!!!
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Hello everyone!

I have a Inspire 1394 and a laptop with enough power but with the wrong FW chipset. So i'm toast i this case. question is:

Is there a laptop computer that will actually work without having to rebuild half the OS, shutting down most of the hardware in the device manager, serarching for obscure hotfixes and installing strange FW drivers that more or less makes the computer wortless for any other task???

Anyone??? Inspire1394 + laptop = no problemos???


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I'm not using an Inspire, but I found adding a PCI card with TI chipset works just great for my Studio Live.
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If you want to stay with a PC, I have a friend that uses a Sony Vaio with very little problems using a StudioLive 16.4.2.
I am thinking that the FW technology Presonus uses is probably very similar from unit to unit, so what would work with one type of gear just might work with others.

He bought the FW Express card that Presonus recommends the Startech EC13942 and it costs like $60

I have a Inspiron 8600 PC laptop that worked with my Presonus Firepod but it would get a little twitchy sometimes. I dont know what chipset they used in that one.

I recently bought a StudioLive 16.4.2 and did some soul searching and ended up getting a Macbook Pro 13, the lowest level of the Pro series with OS X and Snow Leapord.

I recorded a band's 4 hour live show last night without a single worry using the Mac, zero headaches.

Hope that helps a little

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I have a 6 year old Gateway that I bought off eBay for $85.00. It has the TI firewire chipset, WinXP Pro. Works just fine no problems with my SL16.
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Your best bet to get guaranteed results from a Windows based laptop would be from a custom builder like Rain or ADK.

Major market stuff like new HP, DELL, Gateway, Lenovo, etc can be pretty hit or miss and usually come with a ton of crap you have to remove anyway.

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Thank's for all the input

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I use a Dell Inspiron e1705 with only one issue, I just can't use the "normal" setting in Universal Control, I have to use "safe mode 1" . Using SL 2442 and Capture I've recorded 26 tracks for over 2 hours no gliches. I've tested it like this 3x just to make sure it was solid and it is.
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If you must use Windows why not bootcamp a used white macbook?

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And I just keep hearing about problems about Firewire and (recent) laptops...

Anyway I really dont know why they (not just presonus) dont go USB route, there is a few interfaces with up to 10 i/o (although a little more expensive), but it is quite limited choise. (I have just confirmed, only MacBookPRO still have firewire)

And for today purchases it is easy to find USB 3 in a desktop (at very least for AMD), and it starts to be almost as easy) to find a USB 3 laptop than a FW one.

I am on the market for a interface, but I will not buy a Firewire one.

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I use a stock Inspiron 1520 with a second monitor added. Only problem - I have to turn off the wireless switch on the side. It makes the firewire skip.

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One of our product specialists uses this one by PC Audio Labs:

He's had nothing but rock solid performance with it.

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