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FP10's Firewire
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Lots of problems with my investment of two FP10's - I wanted to utilize the two for a 16-track virtual mixer with a 16-track recording capability: got past the Firewire 400 problem with a good card and the daisy chaining fell into place, Damned nice, digital, 16-track recordings.

But, I tried for a year to get the different mixes to as many CUE mix outputs as are available (I was assured by Musicians Friend, Presonus and members of this forum that I could have separate FOH and monitor mixes utilizing the FP10's) and Zero Latency (same assurances) functioning that were advertised on Presonus' website as well as Musicians Friend's website (Request #65914 and Request #98562). It took a year before a Presonus technician,Timothy Watkins, finally admitted that the FP10 does not allow either. Then there was a back and at forth between Musicians Friend and Presonus as to responsibility and who might apply my $700 investment to gear that WOULD perform as advertised.

I gave up on the virtual mixer idea and just used the FP10's for recording signals before they each went to a physical mixer for the desired functionality. Then a problem with the Firewire sockets came up - they were very loose and tended to lose the connection to the PC if they were bumped however slightly. It took a while, (Request #167277 ) Presonus offered to repair the PC boards with the Sockets on them: "The units are 85$ each for service if you want to have the units serviced. 85 X 4 = $340 for service to 4 units." Later when I pressed for the price of just the sockets: "330-53460 (FW Vertical PCB Socket) @ $10.50/ea." plus shipping. I found the sockets online through a variety of distributors for as low as .71 euros (about a dollar, right now) each. But, in talking to a couple distributor reps and a couple PC technicians in my town, the sockets are all the same and the looseness problem can only be solved by bending the 4 tab springs on the sides of each socket, and to try different cables, which I am doing.

Despite the problems, I'll probably move on to a better Presonus device - possibly the StudioLive 16.0.2 or the discontinued 24.4.2, if indeed the Firewire 800 interface works as advertised, if I can recover from my FP10s and I don't die first. The recording quality is great, but the support probably falls into the category of "We have your money". Hell, they can't even get the right documents on their download page (I tried to get the release notes for the Windows 7 installer and the PC version is actually for the MAC.)

Harry Evan


2 FP10's
Studio One Artist on
a Toshiba A215
with an internal TI Firewire chipset
and 4 GB RAM
running Windows 7 64-bit
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