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16.4.2AI and Firestudio Mobile daisy-chain to add tracks for Capture
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Brand new 16.4.2AI and Firestudio Mobile owner and still exploring.

I am trying to daisy-chain my 16.4.2AI with the Firestudio Mobile to add more I/O for Capture 2 and Studio One

MacBook Air --> External HD --> 16.4.2AI --(800-400 cable) --> FireStudio Mobile

FireStudio sync light is blue and syncing (to something)

When I launch Capture 2 the first 10 tracks are clearly the Firestudio (Mic1,2,Line 3-8,SPDIF L,R). and 16.4.2 seems to be the next 11-26 tracks and with 27/28, which usually is track 17 + 18, as the Aux1+2 pair. I am not sure why another set of tracks, Aux 3-16 also show up.

Is there anyway to set the 16.4.2AI to map first and the FireStudio to be the second interface? or is this set only by serial number.

Any other settings or issues I should be aware of? I have been all over the knowledge base and the forum and there is no real info on this setup. This seems like a pretty common concept and I wish it was better documented.

I know this is old and refers to the pre-AI Studiolives, but have not found anything else.

I opened a support ticket and was told this is unsupported...since UC and UC-AI support dual-driver install now, this seems exactly why this should work and be supported.

Also, should I be able to bus-powered firewire on the Firestudio Mobile with the Firewire s800 port on my 16.4.2 AI by using a Firewire 800 to Firewire 400 cable. The cable I have powers the Firestudio fine from my MacBook Air (using a Thunderbolt Firewire dongle). It does not work from the 16.4.2 AI.

Mac OS 10.9.2
UC-AI 1.0.2
UC 1.7.2
FireStudio Mobile
StudioLive 16.4.2AI
Presonus Capture 2 2.1.0
Studio One 2 2.6.2

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Well.. if no one wants to weigh in... is this basically unsupported and I should find another interface to add to my 16.4.2AI (other than a second 16.4.2AI) what is supported?

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I think I may have seen a post where someone tried a different connection order and got theirs working. I know I had seen another post from someone having the same difficulty as you. I don't remember if they were on an original 16.4.2 (non-AI) or the newer (AI), and I can't remember if their problem started after Mavericks upgrade or justy what the story was. That's all I've got to suggest, anyhow. Maybe a device ID issue?
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I believe it is serial number only on this, I'll see if I can get a clarification on this...
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After trading some very terse info with Support, I am being told that this is unsupported and that there currently isn’t anything you can chain with AI mixers. AI mixers are not supported to chain with other devices at this time.

Now what I would like is a clear tech note on how to leverage the Aux Return A and B, Talkback and Tape In as additional inputs.

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