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16.4.2 daisey chained with studio one
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I am running two 16.4.2 mixers daisy-chained together for 32 channels with a custom PC serving as the DAW. This set up has worked well for us until we attempt to use Studio One Artist.

I am experiencing two issues.

1. It is my understanding that Studio One Artist should be able to control the board just as Universal Control does. Meaning that if I mute a channel in Studio One Artist, the mixer should show that same channel muted and vic-versa. (UC is running in BG) Is this understanding right? Should Studio One Artist control the board as does UC?

2. When setting up the Audio IO in Studio One Artist. It shows 16 channels for the first board and then it shows 32 additional channels totaling 48 channels, when I only have 32 physical channels on the board. I should be seeing channels 1-16 and then a second set of channels 1-16. Is this a bug in Studio One or do I have something mis-configured. UC shows the daisy chained board perfectly on my rig and controls the board perfectly.

Can any give me some clarity on this?

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1. Studio One will not control the board.
2. You have more than 16 input channels that can be recorded. (Main Mix is one, check the manual for the others)

Hope this helps
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