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Firestudio Mobile with Pro Tools and Logic
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Hi Everyone

There is a lot of stuff on the net and in forums about Pro Tools and Firestudio - but I still can't quite work out whether my Firestudio will work with it.

I am doing music at Uni and I think we will be having to do recording this year with Pro Tools and Logic. I have a Firestudio Mobile which now works with my Demo version of Studio One 2. However, if I need to use Pro Tools I want to make sure my interface will work with it.

It looks like Pro Tools 9 is OK, but there may be some problems with 11. Is this the case?

If so, is there anything I can do to make it work with Pro Tools 11 or should I try to get 9 and stick with it.

Are there any insurmountable issues with Logic? We used Logic at Uni last year and may need to use it again.

Alternatively, is it easy to take a project from Studio One on my computer and paste it into Pro Tools and/or Logic and work on it?

Clearly I am just starting to investigate this issue so any info and proposed reading welcome.

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My FireStudio Mobile works great with Logic X Pro and StudioOne Pro.
It is easy to export/import tracks between StudioOne and Logic.
I can't comment on Pro Tools, but would assume you would have no issues.

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