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Firestudio Mobile with Studio One on Macbook Pro
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I'm selling a Firestudio Mobile, and a guy came over and tried to see if he could use it with Studio One on a Macbook Pro. We plugged it in, downloaded the mac driver and rebooted. We can see the Firestudio on his Mac audio, and we can strum a guitar and see the input levels moving. However, when he opened Studio One, we could see the Firestudio, but none of the input levels would move. In fact, he couldn't even click on the inputs to make any changes to them. It's like it was a ghost.

I'm sure it's just a set up problem in Studio One, but with him being a complete novice to this and me being a Windows guy, we couldn't figure it out so he said he'd do some research and I said I would too.

Anyone have a suggestion?


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Go into the audio midi routing and set it up...
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We did that, but it would not let us click on anything to set it up with. We could see it, but nothing was clickable, and the audio input didn't work in Studio One, even though it worked outside of Studio One.

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Open a new song in Studio One. (or an existing one if you wish)

In StudioOne Preferences make sure the Presonus FireStudio is selected as the Audio Device.

Click on Song Setup (Bottom Left of Preferences Screen).

Assign the Inputs and Outputs to I/O channels.

You should now be able to create an audio track, Select an input channel, record enable it, and see input on the track meter.

Hope that helps


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