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External preamp with firestudio project
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Hi all

What is the best way to hook up an external preamp to the project? I have read numerous threads regarding this subject. Many folks say that there is no way to truely bypass the presonus preamps. The manual states however that plugging a trs cable into the front inputs on the unit (firestudio) completely bypasses the preamp. this doesnt seem to be the case as the gain knob still affects the level etc... others say its best to go into the return inputs on the rear of the unit for either channel 1 or 2, again the gain knobs on the front still affect signal.

Basically I just want to know the best way to hook this stuff up. at the moment i am using the rear trs input for channel 1, with the gain on the firestudio turned up halfway.

any help would be greatly appraciated


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Hi Dave...

When you have a dual input, like an XLRF and 1/4"TRS there is a mic pre on the XLR and a Line level preamp that bypasses the Mic pre, simply by using the 1/4" insert...Now if it says Mic/instrument, then there is a Mic pre and an instrument level pre. The instrument level pre typically has a higher impedance and lower level will be easily overpowered by line level signals.

You can't usually hurt anything when were talking mic/line/instrument level signals, it's all about getting the most pristine signal... and low noise.
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thanks for the reply. i understand most of what you mentioned but what i still can't work out is why the gain knob still affects signal level when it is meant to bypass the project pres..



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I've experienced the same issue. I recently purchased the Focusrite ISA One. I'm running XLR to 1/4 TRS from the external preamp to the interface. The gain on the fire studio is turned all the way down. This gives me clean sound but insufficient levels. When I increase the gain on the firestudio it distorts the signal. I record in Logic Pro and my work-around has been to create a bus track equipped with gain plugin to boost my low signal. Then I record using the bus as my input. Logic's gain doesn't distort or color the sound like the preamps on the firestudio. This is not an ideal solution but I've only had the preamp for one day. I'll let you know if something else develops as I continue using it. Hope this helps...
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