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3 years old second hand Firestudio
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Hi everyone

This my first post on the presonus forum. My name is Bruno and I'm from belgium (my mother language is french).
I own a firebox since a few years and I've been happy with it

But now I feel the need for an audio interface with more inputs and possibilities. Since presonus has earned my trust, I'm thinking about a Firestudio.
I've found one in second hand but I have a few questions before taking the leap.

This Firestudio is 3 years old, so it's the one delivered with Cubase LE and without the Universal Control and Studio One.
My question is, will I be able to update the firmware and use the universal control with it?
I own a macbook pro (2009) with FW800, my firebox works fine with it, will it works with the firestudio also?

Last question. The firestudio series is getting old (except for the firestudio mobile). Does presonus planning to upgrade the series in a close future?
If it's yes, I think I will wait and save money.

Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize for the "english mistakes"

All the best

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Hi Bruno and welcome to the forums.

The firestudio should work just fine on your Mac and your should be able to easily upgrade the firmware. Make sure you register it so you can get updates easily.

As far as new hardware only they know. I've heard nothing through any of my sources about it but they like surprises.

If you get a good deal on the firestudio I would get it if I were you. Its a good interface. Make sure it works well before you commit to it if you can.

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Hi Monolithent, thank you for your answer,

You're right, for new hardware only they know. I taught that with the Firestudio Mobile which is more recent and with better preamp ( same as the studiolive I think) the rest of the family might follow.

For the moment I hesitate with two other audio interfaces in the same price range. The saffire pro 40 and the m-audio profire 2626.
The saffire pro 40 is the more recent and offers several advantages like two headphone output, build in DSP,...

My main requirement is to get the best preamp possible in this range of price.
It's the only flaw I found with the Firebox, the preamps. They are not powerful enough, and to much noisy. With a dynamic microphone I have to crank the knob nearly at the max, and still don't have a decent level (-15dBfs ) but I dot get noise ( "wind" sorry I don't know the proper word for it but I guess you understand what I mean).

Could you tell me if I will get better result with the firestudio's preamp compare to the firebox?

And a firestudio preamp's compare to a saffire pro 40?

Thanks a lot for you help and taking the time to read me

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