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Please allow "Transform to Audio Track" to create a Mono Track
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As I explained in another thread, asking for confirmation about this, when I create a drum track using Kontakt 8-out, I create a mono output for the kick, another for the snare and another for the hi-hat. The toms and overheads/cymbals use separate stereo outputs.

When I create audio tracks from the instrument tracks I would like to create a mono track for kick, snare and hat. I am currently taking the resulting stereo track, switching it to mono and re-bouncing, losing the ability to go back and edit the MIDI data, and in summing the stereo to mono am adding a significant amount of level to the track.

I would like the option of at the time of the "Transform" command to choose to create a mono or stereo track.

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But Presonus will ask you : WHY?
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for the option.

If you put a level meter on the master and compare the two things, the stereo result of a mono transformed track isn't an exact copy like freeze should probably be. It's real close though. But with those small changes across multiple transformed tracks, a mix will probably change a tiny bit.

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