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Problem Installing the Softube Plugin on Start Page
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Hello, newbie here with what is probably an easy fix - I'm obviously doing something wrong when trying to install this plugin.

I'm attempting to install the Softtube Saturation knob on the start page to no avail. I've extracted the files from the zip and placed in my 64 bit VST folder. Deleted the x86 as I have the 64 bit version. I grab and drag the 64 bit VST3 file into the studio one start page and get the red circle when I try to drop it in for installtion. Am I grabbing the wrong file? Dragging it into the wrong page?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I got the same problem.
Change the file extension from ".zip" to ".install". Then double click.
It worked for me.
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Thank you for posting. It verified my thought... I searched everywhere for hours because I'm that way. lol
Not sure why they have not changed the file extension for install on PC.

Win 8 install Softube Saturation Knob. without a problem changing the extension to .install

I searched Softube Saturation Knob in Studio One 2 ver 2.6.2. And Drag and Drop in Win 8 ( which doesn't work for me)

Had to have S12 open in start page, and double click the AmpireXT .install and Goldbaby Essential .soundsets to get them to install. PreSonus just needs to update the install methods and place it in FAQ's

I will send the info to support so this can be posted for future Studio One 2 users,,,

Most would have given up and that is just something I can't have for my fellow future users,,

I love this place PreSonus !!!

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