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Can pay a (reasonable) amount for someone to write a macro enabling global midi transposition
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For the background on what I'm trying to do, please see this post:

In theory I could probably figure out how to write such a macro myself; but in practice, I don't have the time. Hence the offer to pay.

If interested, please PM me.

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I read your other thread and (afaik) the context menu transpose function works globally on all selected clips, even across tracks. To verify, select a bunch of clips across multiple tracks, transpose +3 with the context menu, then right click them individually and look at their transpose setting, they should all be at +3.

If that's not happening for you, not sure why.

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SHIFT+up/down arrows transpose up and down by semitone (also works if you select many clips)

ALT+up/down arrows transpose by octaves (same thing)

Creating macros for other intervals and assigning them to keystrokes is pretty easy too.

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