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firestudio + laptop
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is there anyone who have already use a firestudio 26x26 with a laptop.without any problems ?

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I have a Firestudio 2626 with a Digimax FS connected to my Macbook Pro and record 16 tracks without any problems at all. I have this combo mounted in a small portable rack that makes it easy to setup and breakdown quickly.

What type of computer are you planning to use?
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is there anyone with a PC who use firestudio ?

thanks but no mac for me at this time (maybe later ?)

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there are plenty of laptops that will work - you need to check the firewire compatibility checklist and make sure the laptop you want to use / buy does not have an incompatible firewire chipset. Try and find one with a TI ( Texas Instruments ) firewire chipset

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If you are getting a PC for recording, be VERY, VERY careful. I would urge you to really do your homework so you don't wind up very frustrated/disappointed. A lot of people have been having major issues due to bad firewire chips on board, and also bad host controller chips on the motherboard that control data traffic. From what I have gleaned here, it sounds like you can have a "good" FW card and still have problems due to the host controller chip problems.

I would recommend you buy from a reputable dealer that has a liberal return policy, and plan on doing some serious time checking things out quickly before any return/exchange window runs out. Or better yet, see if they will allow you to do some testing in their shop (if they are a storefront operation). Do some digging in the forums here, too, and you find much discussion/advice for PC users on configuration/testing/troubleshooting.

A failsafe way would be to get a specially built unit that is built from the ground up for recording. It'll cost you more (more like Mac prices), but you could save an awful lot of research and headaches that way.

Whatever you decide, good luck!
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everything you said are absolutely true

but i own a toshiba P300-220 (pspcce) since 09/2009, i have also bough the startec xpresscar firewire but the CPU is still using about 20 % everytime i switch on my firestudio....

now i realise that there is no solution...

so be carefull everyone with using laptop + firestudio.....
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