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Bounce tracks - FX tails included?
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Hi there.... uninstalled my demo of Studio One because my boxed copy arrives very soon... anyway, I can't recall if I tested this out with the demo. Could someone help?

If I'm running a VSTi track with, say, a long delay as an insert FX - which takes the resultant audio 'past the loop endpoint' - and I bounce it down, will the resultant audio 'listen out' for those extra few bars of delay? So, for example, a four bar MIDI synth loop may render as a 6 bar audio section, ending once those FX have finished? Otherwise, it makes for truncated, unnatural bounced-audio files, and the alternative is to set up sends, and point the audio bounce back at the same send channel.

I'm sure it's possible to tell S1 where to render to and from in a preferences dialog, but Tracktion [for example] had a wonderful feature whereby it would automatically keep rendering your track's output until it hit silence, and this greatly sped up workflow - after all, otherwise there's an amount of extra listening involved to find out just when your long pad/ reverb/ delay tail ends.

If not, then consider this a feature request! Can't wait to be a fully installed owner. I've missed the simplicity of Logic since moving back to PC, and the easy workflow and clean GUI of S1 is exactly what the PC's been missing for so long...

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With S1 and most other DAWs you will render what you have marked. If you want to catch the tail, or a master fade out you must place the bounce markers where they will catch this.

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