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Downloading FSP drivers and Studio One software
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First off, HELLO all. This is my first post and hope I'm posting question in the correct place, if not, please direct me.

Anyway, I just purchased Firestudio Project, and have a minor glitch, ok maybe a big one. My CD/DVD drive is not working and no one seems to know why. The obvious was to locate and download the drivers. Well HP has made that impossible according to all the people who have tried.

My question is, Is there a way to get the proper Firestudio Project drivers and the Studio One software into my laptop with out my CD/DVD drive working? I have intentions of getting a new laptop, but really can not do so until around Christmas.

A little history, I am a drummer and want the ability to play/record/edit/have fun etc with my playing. I'm not looking to record my friends band, nor my own, not looking to record a demo cd. I am more so getting back into drumming and will remain in the house for the most part. I have kids and it takes much of my time, so having the ability to run to the basement and record/mix stuff would be convenient etc. Other than playing out live and recording in other so called professional studio's (which I won't be doing), this is my first attemp at kinda recording myself at home.
As I grow with this, and if time permits, maybe I will move onto other things such as bringing in other friends for jamming/recoding. I look forward to learning the whole process of Analog/acoustic drums into an Audio interface, then to a DAW. I am patient and look forward to the mic process and getting the the best sound possible with the tools I have.

anyway, Thanks for your time


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Thanks, Tprice
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Hello and welcome.

You not exactly in the right place but we won't hold it against you.

You can find the drivers here Click the downloads tab and then choose your operating system.

As far as S1 you could try downloading the demo and see if you can use your registration info to register it. I've never tried so I can't say for sure if that will work.

If you have an external dvd drive you could plug that in.

Replace your CD/DVD drive with a new one. Windoes will load it automatically so driver hunting won't do much good.

If you aren't too far into PA jump in your car and head east and I'll let you borrow one of my external drives to get it in there. Drop me a PM and I'll shoot you a phone number.

I think I might also have a digial copy from the last update so we should be able to get you set up pretty easy. Waaay to big to email though.

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