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Absolute unacceptable way to treat customers who need tech support fast.
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One to two business days before you even get a response? Are you kidding? In this business we have problems that need to be addressed immediately, not a couple of days later. I have two 16.4.2 mixers and one just went out. I have a 1000$ a day gig on the 14th and it requires a minimum of 26 channels. I need a tech support when something goes down, not when you get around to my call. Our company has decided to go back to the more dependable Yamaha mixers after this fiasco with presonus for the second time. And try to get a number to actually talk to an individual. I see Presonus breaking ground on a new facility, wont do them any good if they keep pulling the Behringer business plan when it comes to dealing with their customers. Anyone who takes on a digital board are usually more advanced sound techs and nobody I know is recommending presonus mainly because of its poor reliability and huge mounds of electronic red tape just to get a simple response. I am pissed as hell because presonus are more worried about expansions that will be for not when people dont repeat buy their products because of horrible support.
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You are important to us.

Our Tech Support Hours of Operation are M-F 9-5 CST.

Our Support Line number (225-216-7887) is located on our website at right below where you would click to submit a support ticket. Our support number can also be found within each copy of our manual, that comes with our products, and within each digital copy of our product manuals on our website.

We strive to take each and every call from our Presonus Family, like yourself, who needs help with their products. There are times of the day/days of the week that we do from time to time experience higher call volumes. As each customer's issue and knowledge/experience level/setup is unique, they may require additional time to help than others.

The two business days that you refer to comes from the email response that you received after you submitted your initial support ticket this morning. The purpose of this email response is to let whomever submits a request for support know that we 1) received their support email and 2) That we will be getting back with them as promptly as possible. Many times we receive requests after hours or on weekends when we are not available, hence the 1-2 business days.

You submitted a support request this morning at around 9:30am our time. We were able to not only review your support ticket, send you an RA form, but also process your RA into our system and shoot you your RA number...all in the same day.

Our Studio Live Team is very knowledgeable and strives to provide the swiftest aid and resolution every time, for those who need assistance from us.

If you require further assistance please PM me and we can get you squared away.
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