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A concert recorded disappered!
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Hi all.

I have been a pretty inactive member of this forum. Just haven't had much to share. But now I do. I have a pretty massive problem.

I had a pretty big recording project this week. Posted a bit about it in the Presonus users facebook group actually. Recording a concert, a mixer choir of 40 ppl plus a 4pc band, piano, accordion, bassoon and a drumkit. My biggest recording sesstion to date.

I had 14 channels coming into my little StudioLive 1602, some of them through external preamps (old Firepod used as a 8 channel mic pre) to feed stereo tracks. They had a dress rehehersal at the church the concert was to be held in on monday night. I came early to set up, wanting to get a good sound check and get some extra takes of the pieces to be performed - to be able to maybe "fix in the mix" if something didn't quite work out performance-vice on the gig.

Everything looked cool. I connected the mixer to my MacBook pro (mid 2010 Core2 Duo with 4 GB ram) and hooked up my external Iomega USB/FW drive via USB. Fired up StudioOne Pro 2.5 and set all to go and hit record. Everything looked right. Stopped recording after 18 minutes and checked it out. All good. Recoded a bit more, about 14 minutes. Checked - all good. Then after a short coffee break I let the system run for just over an hour, maybe closer to two hours - just until they were done. Stopped the recording and POOF! The waveforms that had been displayed on my screen for this last part disappeared! Not visible in the browser in S1. I opened finder, no sight of them in the media folder either!

Left cables, stands, mixer and preamps on the set (a church, seemed pretty safe) and went home. Upon returning home I fired up my computer and looked around better - no sign of this missing hour or two. Good thing I had my trusty old M-Audio MicroTrack hooked up to the mixer recording a live 2 track mix as a backup. That was the only thing I had of those last hours.

Deceided to use Capture on the day of the concert - this, I guessed, had to be an issue with my recently installed update of StudioOne. Removed old capture from my computer and got the new one, 2.0. Hooked my computer up to a friends SL1602 and recorded about 15 minutes of silence onto my external drive. Stopped recording and saved. All looked good. Another 15 minute test run also went well.

Day of the gig. Choir started worming up 2 hours prior to gig. Hooked my computer back up to my mixer, opened capture, created a session and hit record. Nothing. Restarted computer, replaced FW cable (just in case) and tried again. Seemed OK. Recorded run thoughs of some songs, maybe 40 minutes worth. Longest bit about 25 minutes long. Looked right - promizing.

First set - recorded and set markers between songs as the concert progressed. Break - hit stop and POOF! Waveforms gone, almost. Had the first 6 minutes! Spent the intermission looking for the rest of the files. No luck.

Deceided to record the second set onto my system disk, if the problem maybe was the USB bus. Same thing. I stepped the recording and saved. The "buys wheel" spun for a good while, then most of the waveforms disappered! Everything up 'till then looked legit, but out of an hour plus set I ended up with 19.10 on disk. For some reason a couple of seconds more on channels 1, 2 and 3.
What do you recon could possibly be my problem? Is there a chance that my precious files are somewhere in there, invisible as they were never properly closed/finished whatever the proper terminology is? If so, any chance of recovering the data?

I'm thankful for my trusty old MicroTrack, looks like the two track recording off that is all I have left to deliver to my customer. Doesn't sound all bad, but that was a 16 bit recording opposed to the 24 bit one I had going in Capture. Also, would have like to spend a bit of time on tweaking the mix.

Lesson learned. Have a backup recorder. I didn't imagine for a second I would end up using that recording.

I would be very grateful if anyone can tell me how to save my recordings and/or help me preventing this disaster to strike again. Do I need more RAM? Is my Macbook to old for this shit?

Greetings from not so sunny Reykjavik, Iceland.
Jon Kjartan.
Presonus Employee

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Jon, sorry for your troubles. This seems very strange especially with all of the testing and good preparation you took before the gig. I will start a support ticket for you so that we can look into this further. I'll leave instructions for posting your system specs and Studio One version number. The version number you were running at the time will be important so if you have updated since then please let me know which version you were running at the time of recording.

The thing is, if you were recording that data should have gone to disk so it's possible it may reside somewhere on your hard drive.

Please look for the support ticket in your email inbox.

Dominic B.
Technical Support

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