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audiobox usb will not initialize on Win 8 desktop pc
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I have a new HP Win 8 desktop pc. I did a clean install of Studio One Artist. I have tried both the tested Win 8 driver, and the Beta Win 8 driver, and yet Studio One still tells me that Audiobox will not initialize. I have tried multiple usb ports as well.
If I reinstall the drivers and reboot the computer, I can usually get it to work once...then it goes back to not recognizing the Audiobox USB.
I have made sure the permissions are set on "administrator" (properties tab).
Any ideas? Is there a certain order I needed to do things? Is there a specific usb port I should use?
Tonight I am going to uninstall everything and start over...I read in the support notes for Win 7 that you have to install things in a specific that the same for Windows 8?
Also, on the rare occasion that it was working yesterday, I was recording a guitar track while listening to a "scratch" rough track of guitar/vocals and for reasons I can't explain, the scratch track can be faintly heard on my guitar track...ideas?

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I am having the same problem did anyone got back to you? I have an m-audio and that's working good but I want my audio box to work also let me know

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I am having this same problem with Windows 7. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know!!

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There a re a number of things you should know:

What driver are you using?
is your computer software up to date?

Get the latest driver for your computer on this site, you may need to do an uninstall first, the procedure (I recommend it) and that process is in the Knowledge base

under Audio box USB

Make sure when you install the drivers that the AB USB is unplugged till it asks for you to plug it back in...
NOTE: If your having an issue, open a tech support ticket and bring the number here if you want help!

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