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Samples and copyright
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I have two situations at hand which I would like to know about:

1. Ripping 80s / 90s module file samples and using the samples via Kontakt / Sample One in new songs

What do you think about that?

2. Sampling presets from KORG Triton and sharing them for free

Hm, I really can't figure this one out.

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If you learn the samples and play them yourself, that's one thing. See, I can do that. I can learn the lick or riff and play it myself. Chord progressions are not copyrighted. A lick is not copyrighted. You can make a variation on a melody.

But if you rip it straight and use the original artist without their permission.... no. You can get into trouble if you sell.

Does KORG say you can share preset samples in the manual? If they say their presets are for your use only, you cannot do that. You can sample them yourself and use them in your own work with no problem. Check your manuals.
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He's not talking about learning licks, he's asking about taking the raw samples from old gear and reprocessing them to sell, use or give away today.

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