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Getting ready to sync with VSL
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Chris Fletchall

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I have done a little bit or lurking around here but have not been able to pinpoint my question.

Are the audio spikes and drop outs in the VSL software or the capture software?

I plan to use the VSL for a live set up and I can not have any issues with a spike or drop out. I will not be using capture for any event.

Thanks in advance.
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the spikes and drop outs are firewire related and nothing to do with capture / vsl, basically if your pc has a crappy firewire chipset or if you have a bad firewire cable you will get spikes / dropouts.

having wireless enabled on windows based pc's has been known to cause spikes as well

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Agreed. Most definitely the problem is not the software.

Capture is one of the leanest recording programs I have ever seen, and its CPU demands are equally minimal. (Probably the leanest program out there next to Boom Recorder.)

The problem rests entirely with firewire and host controller chipsets that don't play nice, and of late causing major problems for many persons attempting to get things going on the PC platform., particularly. VSL is very well behaved, too. I can run VSL and Capture on my MacBook simultaneously with no problems.
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