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Having a problem with VSL22 - 2 Questions.
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1. I noticed that Studio One is showing my VSL22 as a standard Audiobox (in the device selection list), but when I uninstall the VSL software, Studio One then recognizes my VSL22 as it should - a VSL22. I have the proper drivers and vsl software installed. How do I fix this so that Studio One recognizes my vsl22 as a vsl22 when I have the vsl software installed?

2. When I select the vsl22 as my device in studio one, I am always prompted that the "audiobox has failed to start correctly before, are you sure to want to continue...." I always plug in my vsl22 BEFORE starting Studio One. How do I avoid this prompt every time I want to use the vsl22?

I would appreciate any help.

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