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StudioLive 16:4:2 1/3 GEQ display does not update on change
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After upgrading my StudioLive 16:4:2 to 1.13, the 1/3 GEQ no longers shows the gain or frequency changes in the LED display unless you move to the next frequency band and then back again. I'm not talking about the LED's on the FAT channel but the LED display that shows the actual gain and center frequency. It does update in VSL as you make changes. I find this very anoying. I contacted Presonus technical support and was told it's a known bug. I then asked if I could revert back to the previous software load. He said yes and actually emailed me a copy of 1.12. Well I've tried numerous times and the unit will not revert back to the old load. Basically, there is no revert you just have to try and upgrade to 1.12. But the unit doesn't seem to allow upgrading to a previous load. Or maybe I'm missing something. So I thought, hmmm? Maybe this is just a random bug after a software upgrade. I mean, Presonus wouldn't be shipping new boards with this bug from the factory right? Wrong!!! I was just in Guitar Center yesterday and I went over to the the StudioLive 16:4:2 they just took out of the box. It had 1.13 software on it. The GC guy was showing the board to a customer and just out of curiosity I said, look at the 1/3 GEQ and make some changes in gain and center frequency and sure enough the LED display didn't change. The GC guy look shocked because he has quite a bit of experience with the board. I really love this board. I've done many shows with it and outside of the rare software lockup, it's worked great. This just seems like a really dumb bug that could be fixed in a simple upgrade. I know several really good sound engineers who for the first time have been thinking about moving from their trusted analog boards to the Presonus boards but these dumb bugs are what puts the fear right back into them and the endless I told so's I have to hear from these guys about going digital. Come on guys, this kind of stuff is murder for a sound guy. Don't even get me started on the Windows version of Capture.
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I think you have to hold the shift key and click update. That should get you in the ballpark.

If its a known issue . I would almost guarantee it will be fixed in the next release. I agree with you. This one is pretty major.

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This is a known bug. I emailed them about it the day 1.13 came out. I have heard that it will be fixed in next firmware update.
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pretty bad considering how long 1.13 has been out now - maby there will be a new vsl and thats why its taking so long

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