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headphone issue
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i've had this issue more than once now and can not pinpoint the conflict. i'm getting now sound out of the head phones. In my VSL mixer it shows signal to the mains but not the headphones. I've also had issues previously where I got no signal in the mains as well. If I turn the vsl software off and set my daw to outputs 7/8 I get sound just fine. Also if I create a new windows user and log out and into that user name everything works fine. I feel like there is a driver conflict between something. It may be something that is almost impossible to pinpoint given all the software I have on my system. I have tried uninstalling the driver rebooting and reinstalling. I got it fixed one day and I coudln't tell you how at this point but now all of the sudden it went out again last night. Any ideas as to what's going on would be appreciated. I'm just about to decide I should have a separate windows user for this. I don't have the funds currently for a separate pc just for music but I would kind of like to know what causes it to do this. I'm running windows 7 64 bit. I use studio one and reaper but mostly using reaper right now as I haven't had time to learn studio one yet. Both DAWs do the same thing so it's not the DAW I don't think unless it's a software conflict somewhere just from being installed on the system.


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Got the same thing after plugging in a USB memory stick in an adjacent port. WIndows 8 restarted and had to go into auto repair. I have tried numerous control panel options but no go. Headphones tested of course. on

Update - I removed the driver from Control panel programs and then also remove the device from Control panel DEvice Manager

Then reinstalled 1.2 from scratch and it works after a reboot.

Running 1.2 , I might try downgrading

AudioBox Series 1.2 Release Notes:
Date: May 31, 2012
* 1818VSL Only - Remote Application now available on Apple AppStore to control
1818VSL with an iPad.
* 1818VSL Only - All input and playback channels have now been routed to headphone
by default in VSL.

* 1818VSL Only - Firmware Updated to improve input scaling on PreAmps
* 1818VSL Only - Output Pairs updated to so that 7/8 now shows as 1818VSL Headphone
* 1818VSL Only - Output 7/8 now shows an Headphone Icon to indicate headphone output
* 1818VSL Only - Can now monitor Main Output to SPDIF
* 1818VSL Only - Can now send Main Mix to SPDIF input in your recording software.
* Single Installer for AudioBox USB, AudioBox 22VSL, AudioBox 44VSL and AudioBox
* Input Metering was adjusted to match Studio 1
* Improved USB 3.0 Support
* Resolution for VSL has been adjusted for a minimum viewing screen with 1024 x 768
** PC Users - May need to hide Windows Toolbar or move it to another position on the
screen to access the scrollbar in VSL.
* Improvements made to the installer and uninstaller.
* PC Only - VSL will run on Startup by Default for Windows, this is to make signal
available to headphones.
VSL will run in the background even after the Window is closed.
* PC Only - Performance Mode has been removed to improve driver performance and
device compatibility when running
with low buffer settings.
* PC Only - Removed Option for 32 Samples Per Buffer
* PC Only - Operating at 44.1KHz or 48KHz Lowest Buffer Option is 64 Samples
* PC Only - Operating at 88.2KHz or 96KHz Lowest Buffer Option is 128 Samples
Known Issues for this release
* Generic Icons will be displayed in Studio 1 for AudioBox products on PC only with
Studio 1 version 2.0.5.
This will be resolved in a future release of Studio 1.

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