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Routing Firewire Inputs 17/18 to Aux Sends
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To maximize the number of recording inputs, I have configured Logic 9 to utilize firewire returns 17/18 for the Main Stereo L/R outputs (as per the SL 16:4 Manual page 66). This prevents having to waste Channels 1-2 simply for the firewire L/R monitoring from Logic. This works perfectly. However, I also have a monitoring setup where I rout Aux Sends 1-6 to the HP60. Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to route a signal from this input to the aux sends. I can only rout to the mains (or monitor) and the headphone jack on the SL 16:4. I need this to allow performers to hear pre-recorded loops/tracks. Is this possible on a 16:4? If not, is there any type of firmware or Universal Control Software update planned that will remedy this?


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Unfortunately, the Main FireWire returns can't be sent to the Aux mixes on the 16.4.2. The 24.4.2 features an Aux flip mode that allows these extra inputs to be sent to the Aux mixes. There is a feature request logged already to add this to the 16.4.2 as well, I've logged your vote to add it.
Wesley Elianna Smith
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Thank you for the quick reply. I'll look forward to [hopefully] seeing this enhancement.

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I have just came accross this issue as a new owner. I see this post is old.

Is it still not possible to route the main firewire/core audio to the aux send if you use the 17/18 firewire channels?

The other option is to run the your core audio thru fire wire channel 1&2, but then you loss those channels as an imput correct?

My question also would be do you have to choose iether 1/2 or 17/18. In other words can you send your computers core audio to tracks 15 & 16 and lose those imputs?



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Nope, still not available, but it has been confirmed by Presonus that an upcoming update will add this functionality to the 16.4.2, along with some other features. Stay tuned!

You can configure your DAW to use any two of the 16 channels as a stereo return, as long as you also enable the same channels' firewire return buttons on the mixer. So yes, 1/2 or 15/16 would both be options. You could still record from the physical input of whichever channel you are usin as a rerurn, but you wouldn't be able to route the physical input to the auxes on the board (the fat channel and routing can only be applied to EITHER the physical input or the firewire return).

Let's say you use 15/16 on the board for your stereo firewire return from the DAW. If you get creative, you can figure out a way to utilize the physical inputs on 15/16 at the same time. For example, if you are tracking a rhythm section, you may not need the drum room mics in the headphone mixes. If you plug your room mics into 15/16, but keep the firewire returns enabled on those channels, you will still be able to record those mic inputs while using the corresponding channels to route your stereo return.

Keep in mind that you wouldn't be able to monitor or solo these inputs directly from the mixer in this scenario, but if you enable monitoring in your DAW, you can hear them through the stereo return you set up,

Hope that helps!

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Wesley, please add this to the 16.4.2 requests

I would like to be able to send and return the Main, pre-fader, to the firewire bus for processing through multirack. The pre fader main would go to the PC and return to the main fader processed through Multirack (or other software) just the way the channels do. I would also love to do this on the groups as well.

If not possible on the mixer itself for lack of buttons, at least this could be made possible within VSL.

It would change the way I mix live for sure. PLEASE!

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log my vote in also please
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