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Saving as template changes media location!!!
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If you save a session as a template, S1 will change the media location to the Documents folder on the start-up drive even though you saved the session as normal to your data drive.
Imagine my surprise last night when I got the "start-up drive almost full" message. I had to stop recording for the last song of the set.
Now my procedure will be to always manually check and set the media location. I guess I should be impressed that everything was running with 28MB left on my start-up drive but it's a good thing I didn't post this message last night.
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Scary man!!!!

Keeps you on your toes this computer recording caper aehy

You bring to the fore a good point though. You have to check that first window carefully when you create a song. In my 10+ years of computer recording I have had some scary moments with clients files when I discovered they weren't where I thought they were. But never lost anything. Just had no idea where they were for a while

And yes mightily impressive you still had access to your hard drive with only 28Mb space left.
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Whoa! Good find serr! I can confirm this here too. I rarely save templates but I'm glad you caught this. I'd have been going nuts if I stumbled on this during a session.

Thanx man!!!
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Yes, the song location is not part of a template.
But you can change the default location for new songs & projects under "Options" - "Locations" - "User Data"
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What I found out is: if you save a song as a template, you're then working in the template - so you first have to save the song, then save it as a template and then close this template and open up the song to continue working.

Actually, you should set up the template before putting in media or recording something - otherwise you have a template that is containing these media.
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Yes, I was also wondering what this problem actually is like ...
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