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The driver won't install
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I keep repeating the installation process but I keep getting the message to attach and reattach the Audio Box and I keep getting the message below.

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Please include more info.. Computer.. laptop? Tower? Mac? PC? Software? too many options

Have you tried another USB port... all are not equal...

Try uninstalling and reinstalling ... using another port...

NOTE: If your having an issue, open a tech support ticket and bring the number here if you want help!

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i'm using a dell inspiron 6400....lap works on my wife's pc but not mine...i tried uninstalling and might be the pc...i' getting a new pc ...can you gimme an idea of what kinda specs i would need to use the audio box?

don montana

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im having the same problem, windows xp sp3

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I got my AudioBox USB the other day and encountered the same problem as you guys. I basically tried every solution that I could find, but nothing seemed to work for me. After several hours of not getting the drivers to install I tried the AudioBox USB v1.2.1 Public Beta - PC drivers found here and then it finally worked.

Hope it helps

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You might have tried this already, but the full uninstall and reinstall process is a bit involved:

I had the same problem as you - couldn't get the drivers to install no matter what I tried, even following the full uninstall process. I ended up having to format my laptop and start all over again, so hopefully you don't have to do that!

The Public Beta drivers ended up solving my problem, too, but that was related to clicking noises.
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Hey guys I've found the solution ! (Had the same issue with my Alesis VORTEX actually...)

The USB cable is too long ! (Yep... it's really that simple)

Was working fine with my tower, still works fine on other computers, but for some reason, my brand new laptop would not accept it...

Just buy a 3-feet USB cable or shorten it yourself (that's what I did)

Work perfectly fine now !

shorter usb cable.jpg
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